Increase Vacation Rental Revenue

When you own a vacation rental property, you get one chance to make a lasting impression on your guests in hopes of welcoming them back for return trips in the future. Don’t let lackluster interiors or outdated furnishings scare away guests from returning to your condo on their next Orange Beach vacation. Instead, let the professional interior designers at IQ Designs help you maintain the attractiveness and comfort of your rental property. We know what it takes to help your condo or beach house perform at its best potential. Read ahead to discover four interior design tips we know will help you increase your vacation rental revenue and keep your guests coming back year after year.


Decorate with Contemporary Furniture


One of the most frequent complaints voiced by vacationers is that furnishings in their vacation rental were outdated and uncomfortable. While it may seem financially smart to spend less on your interior furnishings, in the long-run, your guests will be happier and more impressed if you select quality pieces that age well over time. Don’t opt for a cheap sofa that will meet the minimum requirements; invest in furniture that adds value, beauty, and comfort to your rental property.


Utilize A Sleeper Sofa


While comfortable bedding in the bedrooms is an important component of your vacation rental’s bedroom interior decor, you can also gain an advantage over the competition by adding a sleeper sofa to your condo’s living room space. This allows for more guests to be accommodated in your unit and provides visitors with more options for sleeping arrangements, thus increasing your unit’s value. Opt for a sleeper sofa that is made well-enough to withstand being frequently opened and closed for an extended period of time.


Make It Feel Like Home


The last thing you want a guest to think when they walk into your vacation rental property is that it looks and feels like a doctor’s office. Blank walls and scant interior decorations can leave guests feeling bored or uncomfortable. You can liven things up and create a more home-like feel by incorporating a few large pieces of local artwork or photography, and by adding cozy accents like area rugs, which offer up a splash of color and texture. Invest in a number of meaningful pieces like vases and planters, to establish a more relaxing and home-like atmosphere for your guests.


Update Your Space With Modern Amenities


Unless you want your guests to feel like they’ve taken a time machine back to the past, it’s very important to make sure your vacation rental property’s interiors are kept current and updated. Replace old bulky televisions with sleek, flat-screen options, and provide cable or streaming services with WiFI Internet to keep your guests connected to the news, movies, and shows that are most important to them. Replace old appliances with updated, high-efficiency options to give the kitchen more pizzaz, and make sure you have updated patio furnishings, so your guests can enjoy their lovely views of Orange Beach. Don’t let your rental property fade with the times; refresh and update old appliances and furnishings as needed.